About Us

About Us

Theme Centered Interaction, a conceptual system for ethical living and transformational learning developed by Ruth Cohn, offers a refreshingly humane perspective to reevaluate the way we live our lives. TCI is to be experienced in a group process than to be read and understood intellectually.

RCI-India is the member of the Ruth Cohn Institute for TCI – International, RCI – International, Berlin, which serves as the umbrella organization, networking the participant organizations in different countries. This organisation was originally founded in 1966 in the USA and in 1972 in Europe under the name WILL (Workshop Institute for Living-Learning). The name RCI-International was adopted in 2002. It organizes the training in TCI and guarantees the training standards. The RCI – International also addresses the goal of further developing TCI to meet the challenges of a world continually in change.

RCI-India was founded in Dec, 1999, and became a provisional member of RCI-International in June, 2000. Full membership was awarded in May, 2005.

Doing the right thing,
at the right time.









The TCI Four Factor Model TCI identifies four fundamental factors in the experience and development of individuals, families, communities and workplaces. Effectiveness occurs when these factors are properly balanced. The factors are :

01. the personal factor

the personal (or “I”) factor

02. the group factor

the group (or “We”) factor

03. the task factor

the task (or “It”) factor

04. the environment factor.

the environment (or globe) factor.