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International Certificate Training (Basic /Foundation Training)


Basic training may take place in two different forms

  • Building Block
  • Predetermined Course

Elements: predetermined course

1) Decision-making workshop

2) A minimum of 108 sessions of 90 minutes duration ,3 Methods workshops (MI, M2,M3) and 3 personality (P) workshops

3) A written thesis and a recommendation from an RCI-trainer

5) Certification workshop

Recommendation and Written Thesis

The requirements for a recommendation are a self-assessment and a written thesis.

The written thesis is to deal with an aspect from an area of applied TCI, in theory and on the basis of personal practical experience.

For Foundation Training according to the building block system, the recommendation comes from only one trainer, at least two of whose courses have been attended.

The selection of the topic for the written thesis and its evaluation is carried out in cooperation with the graduate leader who issues the recommendation

P & M Workshops

Personality Workshops (P)

  • Personality workshops aim at conscious personality development.
  • They are designed to further develop attitudes, intuition and the ability to assess oneself and others, these being important categories in the TCI-context

Methods Workshops (M)

  • In Methods Workshops (M) the aim is to experience and achieve a cognitive perception of TCI methods and didactics.
  • Using theory as well as practical, reflected experience, participants deal with the “tools” of TCI and their meaning for their own professional field of activity:

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